Telemarketing Do Not Call Policy

Erie Islands Resort & Marina
Telemarketing Do Not Call Policy

State and Federal law requires companies which initiate telemarketing sales calls to institute policies and procedures for maintaining a list of telephone numbers of consumers who do not wish to receive telephone solicitation calls.  In compliance with these requirements, Erie Islands Resort & Marina has established the following “do-not-call policy” to be followed by all persons making telephone solicitations on its behalf.

Erie Islands Resort & Marina maintains a do-not-call list that contains telephone numbers of consumers who either: (i) request directly from Erie Islands Resort & Marina or persons calling on its behalf not to be called again for any solicitations or (ii) have requested to be included in either the national do-not-call registry or a similar state-maintained registry.

For requests made directly to Erie Islands Resort & Marina, such request is maintained for a period of (5) years.  Regarding requests maintained by the consumer placing its telephone number on a state or federal registry, Erie Islands Resort & Marina subscribes to or obtains these lists through its list brokers, receives updates as frequently as required by applicable state and federal law, and does not call numbers appearing on the then-current list.

No telemarketing agent shall place any telephone solicitation call to any telephone number without first ensuring that the telephone number has been checked against the then-current do-not-call list maintained by Erie Islands Resort & Marina or its list brokers. 

At the beginning of every telemarketing sales call, the telemarketing agent shall clearly state: (i) his or her first and last name; (ii) that he or she is calling on behalf of Erie Islands Resort & Marina, or any of its related entities, (iii) the nature of the call; (iv) the telephone number and; (v) the address at which Erie Islands Resort & Marina may be contacted.

When a telemarketing agent receives a request from a consumer to not receive future telemarketing calls, the telemarketing agent shall; (i) immediately record the request on the telephone consumers file (ii) immediately record the subscribers name, address and telephone number on the manual request sheet that is subsequently turned into the agent’s supervisor at the end of each shift; (iii) politely inform the consumer that his or her request has been recorded and that it takes approximately 10 business days after receipt of the request to remove the customer’s telephone number from Erie Islands Resort & Marina’s telemarketing lists; (iv) end the call.

Upon request by any consumer, Erie Islands Resort & Marina shall promptly forward to the consumer a written copy of this telemarketing policy.  All such requests shall be recorded and provided to the supervisor at the end of each shift.  In the event the consumer an address to which the consumer may make a written request for Erie Islands Resort & Marina’s do-not-call policy, the telemarketing agent shall inform the consumer that written request should be made to: Erie Islands Resort & Marina, 4495 W. Darr-Hopfinger Rd., Port Clinton, OH 43452.  Attn: Customer Service-Do Not Call List.

In the event any consumer indicates a desire to terminate the call, the telemarketing agent must immediately and politely comply with the request: thank the consumer for their time and end the call.

Consumers must inform Erie Islands Resort & Marina of any change in telephone number if they desire to place a new phone number on Erie Islands Resort & Marina’s internally generated do-not-call list.

Erie Islands Resort & Marina does not share or disclose a consumer’s do-not-call request with external parties.

Any person involved with telemarketing for Erie Islands Resort & Marina is trained, informed and directed to comply with applicable state and federal do-not-call requirements as well as Erie Islands Resort & Marina’s do-not-call policy.  Failure to comply with the do-not-call policy is grounds for termination of the business relationship between Erie Islands Resort & Marina and the telemarketing agent.


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